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beware of liberal girl with big mouth

the truth is not radio-friendly

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i am a feminist activist, a social work student and the vice president of the mississippi national organization for women. i do not frequently blog here any longer but i invite you to check out the website i maintain for mississippi NOW where i an other officers blog.

i believe in a woman's right to choose and am committed to the 6 priority issues of NOW as well as lgbtq rights in the state of mississippi and the united states. i believe equal rights aren't special rights and that lgbtq people should be allowed to get married and adopt children. i support the repeal of DOMA and don't ask don't tell. i am liberal in all senses of the word. i don't think that anyone has the right to tell me what i can and cannot do with my body but me. i support the ratification of the equal rights amendment (ERA) and am aghast that it has not passed yet. whenever i do activism i look back at the suffragists who fought for the right for women to vote and susan b. anthony is one of my heros.

i am a writer at heart and a thinker. i plan on getting a masters degree in women's and gender studies and writing books about feminism and lgbtq theory. i also believe in standing up for what you support and you will find me protesting and attending events for what i believe in. you may not always agree with what i have to say but i hope that you take the time to listen to my views because i will certainly listen to yours. aside from feminism i support animal rights, green issues, and everything that we can do as individuals to make this world a better place. i am a christian but i believe in separation of church and state and do not believe that the federal government can or should legislate morality.

i have a great relationship with God and i believe that He made me a gay liberal feminist for a reason. :)