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01 September 2008 @ 03:57 pm
meet gustav  

someone posted this on neworleans. it's just astounding! wow, i mean it sort of overwhelms me...fills me with dread and the urge to run. notice the streetlight near the end of the video, it gets so dark that it comes on!

thank God that nola was spared a second katrina.

edit: can you imagine what katrina must've looked/been like? christ. i am so happy that the people i "know" riding out the storm (all online peeps, no rl friends except i don't know if bridget stayed or went so she might be riding it out...) are all ok and that it seems to be peaceful. they're saying no looting, levees are holding but there's the water that came over them in the 9th ward.

i'm so so SO glad no one was having to use an axe to get out onto their roof. whew. and i've also decided that i have to live in nola before i die. i will.
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